How to Link Domain Name with Web Hosting?

Linking Domain Name with Web Hosting

Whenever you want to make a blog or website for your business the first and foremost thing you have to do is to purchase a domain name and a good hosting service for your website. You can take both the domain name and the hosting service from a single service provider or from different providers. Let’s say domain name from Godaddy and hosting service plan from BigRock.

After getting the domain name and hosting service the first thing you have to do is to connect both of them so that they can talk to each other. You can do this by pointing your domain to the NameServers of your hosting provider. NameServers tell domain names where to find content. If in future you decide to change your hosting provider you have to again redirect your domain to the NameServer of your new hosting provider.

Let’s see the process of pointing the domain to the NameServer of hosting provider:

  • Login to your account from where you have purchased your domain name. Like in my case I have purchased from BigRock.
  • You will be presented with this screen.modify-nameservers
  • Select the appropriate domain and click on Modify Name Servers to point it to the NameServers of the hosting provider.
  • Type in the NameServers which you got from your hosting provider in the Name Server Modification fields shown below and Click Modify Name

It will take from 05 minutes to 24 hours for the updation depending upon the host. You can check the status of your NameServers updation at this link

That’s it! If you feel any difficulty in changing your NameServers please let us know via the comments below.


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